How can I buy a film still or photo?             


FINA make its photographic collections available through the Fototeka website.

To order online, please visit the Fototeka and register in the system ("Buy a Photo" tab), and then complete the registration form. After receiving an email message with a login and password, you can log in to the Fototeka site. Logging in allows you to enter the online store. Selected photos can be put into your cart. After completing the form in the cart (specifying the number of copies, exploitation fields and name of the publication), you can ask for a quotation or immediately place an order. The customer will receive an e-mail with notification of the FTP address from where the ordered images can be downloaded.



How can I check the costs of buying stills?


The price list of costs for sharing photos is placed on the Fototeka website in the Buy a Photo tab. In the case of non-standard orders, the price is determined individually depending on the intended use of the ordered images and their range of use. In such cases, please send your question by e-mail to the address with information about your project.



What determines the cost of buying photos for an exhibition?


The cost of buying photos for an exhibition depends on the format of the displayed images, the nature of the exhibition, its extent and duration.



What does it mean when FINA has rights or doesn't have rights to a film still?


FINA, as a film archive, has a number of archival photographic materials but the rights to these materials are held by film studios. In such cases, we provide the photographic material without a license. On the Fototeka website, in the description of each photo, there is information about the owner of the rights, along with active links to contact.

FINA has a large number of images to which it has full rights, and therefore it may grant a license to use them.



What does it mean when the film still's rights have not been determined?


FINA strives to present as many photos from its resources as possible. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine the rights to a lot of materials. These photos are presented on the Fototeka site but due to their unknown legal situation limiting their sharing - these materials are not accompanied by the cart icon and it is impossible to purchase these photos online.



When is it necessary to pay for the film still?


For companies and individuals, we issue a pro forma invoice, which we send via e-mail. The ordered photos are delivered after we receive confirmation of payment.

For state institutions, we issue an invoice at the end of the month. If necessary, we can prepare an invoice immediately after delivering the stills.



Do you prepare contracts for the sale of stills?


Buying photos via the Fototeka is a form of electronic contract between the customer and FINA.



Do you have any other photos to a specific film besides those already published on the site?


In such a case, it is necessary to establish whether the title has been fully processed. Please contact us at


I logged into the commercial section of the Fototeka to buy a picture, but I cannot add a film still to the cart. What should I do?


If the file description indicates that the rights are not determined, the cart icon will not appear. We limit the sharing of these stills due to the difficulties in establishing copyright.